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In this tutorial I show you step by step how to cover your grey’s or do a root touch up on your own hair at home using eSalon’a custom at hone color kit. This color has great gray coverage and with a pro colorist customizing your color you’re sure to end up with the right color.
Here’s a link to my very own eSalon page where YOU can get a custom hair color for just $15: (eSalon had to raise the cost from $10 due to production costs. $15 is still an incredible deal)

If you would like personal hair advice from me, I now offer Virtual Consultations!
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Product Affiliations:
A complete List of all my Product Affiliations and Discount Codes can be found on my website ellebangs.com – This is being constantly updated so YOU can always get the best price, on MY favorite products!

Amazon gave me my own page!, so I’m adding things like the Outfits I wear in videos, my favorite personal care and beauty products and tools and all the gear I use to create my videos. People always ask about these things so this should make it easier to find – Check it out here: Amazon.com/Shop/Ellebangs

My favorite Shampoo/Conditioner: http://bit.ly/2EjLrAu
if you have any questions about the Monat products, or if you’re interested in becoming a MONAT seller like myself, send me a message on my MONAT Facebook page and i’ll be happy to answer any questions you have: http://bit.ly/2H2m8o9

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