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I Tried to Cut My Own Hair BLINDFOLDED: https://youtu.be/grnKfY4MfLE

Clippers + Attachments: https://ift.tt/2WKXDVd
Handheld mirror
Small brush (optional)
Hair clips (optional)

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So you’re stuck at home, and your hair is getting a bit too long. Today, I’m going to teach you how to give yourself an easy haircut, step by step, with a method designed for beginners. Specifically, a faded undercut for men with straight or Asian hair. This is also a good tutorial on how to cut your husband or boyfriend’s hair.

I’m not a professional! This is my own self cut system, and this is just what works for me.

Yes, this video is the video from the YouTube Premium ad.


POPULAR QUESTION: What are the mm sizes you used in guard numbers?

The guards I used were #1 (3mm), #2 (6mm), and #3 (9mm)
My taper control switch went, from position 1 to 5: 0.8mm, 1.1mm, 1.4mm, 1.7mm, 2.0mm

It’ll depend on your clipper, but essentially, you just need to add the measurements together to try to match my sizes.

So for example, when I was cutting at 3.8mm, I was using a #1 guard + position 1 (3mm + 0.8mm = 3.8mm)
When I was cutting at 5mm, I was using a #1 guard + position 5 (3mm + 2.0mm = 5mm)

As long as you understand the process of going from a smaller size to a longer size and cutting in layers, you should be good! If you’re around the measurements I used, you should get something similar to my haircut.

#HowTo #Haircut #CoronaCut

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