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Freehand highlights at home, tips.
Step 1: Mix 50ml Powder( in this case “Blond Studio” from L’Oréal Professional) with 75-100ml oxidant . Waiting time 45-60 min.

Step 2 : Mix semipermanent color. In this case we use 50 ml DiaLight 9:11 mixed with 75 ml 1.9% oxidant.
DiaLight 9.11 is cold ash color which is perfekt to neutralize the yellow tint which usually is coming after highlighting.
I also recommend for lighter resultat number 10.12, 10.21, or mix 9.11 with Clear(transparent).

Recommendation where to buy the colors on eBuy: http://ebay.us/XRFqPF

To buy Freehand Techniques Powder: https://ift.tt/3yQVR6E

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