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In this problems & solutions video, you’ll discover how to cut hair straight to create a concise and precision perimeter – great for one length haircuts and bobs.

When cutting hair straight across these are some common challenges that we run into:

1. By holding hair with your fingers with cutting a one length haircut a common tendency is to elevate or lift the hair up and away from natural fall. This creates unwanted graduation along the perimeter.

2. Many times when cutting a precision bottom edge our eyes aren’t level with the cutting line, so our natural tendency is to flip the hair out and cut – also creating unwanted graduation.

3. When connecting guidelines from your sections the tendency is to cut directly below your fingers. This can make connecting your sections difficult and you could end up taking too much length off. Discover why you should cut a little below your fingers when connecting guidelines.

4. Eliminate unwanted graduation by taking your hands out of the hair and using a comb to hold the hair while you cut your perimeter lines instead. Watch the video for a demonstration.

Recommended cutting tools for this technique:

Sam Villa Signature Series Short Cutting Comb – https://ift.tt/3semf80

Sam Villa Signature Series 6.25″ Wet Cutting Shears – https://ift.tt/3g0PXbM

Do you have any tips or tricks when cutting hair straight or when you are creating a precision haircut? Share your methods in the comments box below!

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