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The Most Recommended Hair Cut: One great beauty tip to make your hair look beautiful yet easy to manage is to have it cut in Layers. Not everyone looks good in the same type of layers though, so here are some beauty tips on how to get the best cut for your particular face type:

Oval Shape

Having an oval shaped face means that you can get away with pretty much every haircut. The most flattering type of layers, though are long layers. Choose a cut that lets you have long layers without any spiky and short layers to balance the length of your face with the width.

Round Shape

A round face grants you the gift of looking eternally youthful. You can make your face appear slimmer by adding more vertical volume on the top of your head and keep the layers below chin level.

Heart Shape

A wide forehead together with a pointed chin make up a heart shaped face. To balance it out, you can have long layers that are delicate and smooth. When styling them, keep them soft and side swept.

Square Shape

For those with a square shaped face, it’s best to wear layers in medium length. Their texture must be wispy so that it will give the face soft curves. Avoid wearing bangs that are cut straight and also layered bobs that fall on the chin. This should give you a good, flawless look.

Other Hair Beauty Tips you must know:

To keep your hair healthy, deep condition it once for every two weeks. Deep conditioning treatments make their way into the hair shaft and fortify the strands. It is best to use a blow-dryer while deep conditioning because the heat triggers the hair cuticle to open up and let you make the most out of the deep conditioning ingredients.

Wash your hair once only every two to three days, because washing it too much will dry up your scalp and hair. If your hair gets oily easily, then you can spray some water at your hair’s roots to give it a lift. If your hair gets dry easily, then you can condition the ends of your hair because the ends are the ones that experience the most damage and get the least nutrients. If you want to get sexy beach locks, you can actually mix some sea salt with water in a spray bottle and squirt some on your damp hair. Then you scrunch up your hair and let it dry naturally. If your hair gets tangled after a bath, start combing at the ends with a wide toothed comb first. It will be easier to detangle after the ends are loose.

Source by Amin Shair

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