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1] Savings on food, drinks, movies.

During difficult times like this, it’s better to make an inventory of what you have at home that is, in the food pantry and the refrigerator before going out for grocery shopping. Most people have a habit of just going to buy food even when there is more at home. Many also throw food away even when there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. A very good way of saving will be to first check around and see what is in and what is not. Home cooked food is also very healthy, enjoyable, comfortable and economical. So instead of eating out everyday, save some money by doing so once or twice a week. Also save money for your family by renting movies and watching in the comfort of your home. Could also look around you and help people in need instead of wasting. There are people all around us dying to eat and you never know what a blessing you may be to someone because you gave him just a loaf of bread. Who you are makes a difference . Find ways to bless others with what God had blessed you with abundantly . Give to food banks or ask friends or family members how you can donate food to the needy.You can be the change you wish to see in the world today.

2] Prayers and moral support

Prayers changes everything.You can pray as an individual or as a family with you husband and kids .I believe with prayers, this crisis, this recession will be over soon and everything will be back to normal and why not better than before .We can come out bigger and better if we put God first and trust in Him to get us out of this. Moral support for each other is also very important during a time like this. Try as much as possible to speak and understand each others language. What I mean here is compromise. Also stay positive, grateful and hopeful, meanwhile thanking God for abundance and for the gift of life. There are people right here in the U.S.A and all around the world who are not as blessed to see the light of a new day. Thus it is worth giving thanks to God for yet another day.

3] Big savings on clothes and shoes

For clothes and shoes, you can look like a million box just by shopping smart. There are uncountable online and in-store shoes and clothing stores which always have great sales that can save a lot. So instead of continue to spend so much, cut down and save by exploring other shopping options that will be good for you, your husband and children. Many other stores also have layaway options which can help limit the use of credit cards -debts. If you go into some peoples closets, you will find clothes and shoes with price tags on them that have never been worn, yet they keep going for shopping everyday. At least check what you have before going for more .Don’t pile up clutter upon clutter just because you have the money to pay for it. Don’t just shop unnecessarily. Remember what matters with clothes is not the quantity you have but the quality and how you match and wear what you have. It’s also OK to count your blessings and find ways to bless others with the excess in your closet. There are people around the world who don’t have anything close to what we in the U.S have and are not dreaming of having some any day .So please, bless someone .There are organizations and charities all around us that will welcome used clothes , shoes ,food and furniture. Just sacrifices some time, put these things together and take them to these organizations Salvation Army, or those drop off boxes stationed on our streets. Remember someone’s thrash being another’s treasure?

4] Savings on grooming

Women are known most of the time for spending excessively on clothes, shoes, nails, hair, eyebrow, and makeup to name a few. You can do most of these by yourself in the comfort of your home.
For your eyebrow, there is this little eyebrow shaver and its sold in beauty supply stores or dollar stores for a dollar only .It can take you only five-ten minutes to have the best and sexiest eyebrow in the comfort of your bathroom .It saves you four dollars. The beauty salons normally charge five dollars for that, right? During a period like this, there are some simple do-it-yourself things that can save a lot of money for you and your family or anyone. For instance, if you are a woman who goes to the nail salon every week, limit it to once every two to three weeks by picking up these do-it-yourself tools from beauty supply stores and do your own nails. Believe me they do come out pretty if you take time to do it .It also saves time you will have to wait on the line in the salon and some infections you may have as a result of unclean tools. Furthermore, you can save on your hair by shampooing, conditioning, washing and setting your hair in the comfort of your home. It’s easy, fun and less time consuming. Moreover it keeps some money in your pocket for rainy days.

5] Continuous love and support

Men have always been considered 75% of the time to be the bread winners of the family and majority do work hard to provide for their families. Just imagine that same man who has done that for years to suddenly loss his job and the ability to provide for his family. It is frustrating, humiliating, depressing and a very dangerous time. Thus, a time for a lot of support. This is a period when anything can happen. If your husband or wife is laid-off, it’s not his/her fault. So instead of blaming or rejecting the person, please show more love and support than ever before because it’s just a tough time and will not be for ever. Like the saying goes, tough times never last but tough people do. It’s a time for sticking together and not falling apart. Remember, recession is money and money issues should not separate husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends, brothers and sisters from the love they have for each other. Ecclesiastes chapter 1:1 says, there is a time for everything.

Source by Maire Claire Kuja

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