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When you have a learning experience, at some point you will be complete with it. It is then that detachment occurs. Once the learning is complete there is no longer any need for the factors that were used to create it. And so, release or detachment is desirable and necessary.

The scar that is left from the detachment is a reminder of the experience and its resultant knowledge and wisdom that was gained as you moved through the experience.Your scars hold the energy of the detachment and represent the knowledge you gained during the experience. Each scar represents the beauty of the wisdom you received as a result of going through the pain of learning.

You will forevermore carry your scars of learning within you. They beautify you and make you unique amongst all others. Each person has their own beauty which was created by their scars of learning experiences. Without them, you would be bland, indistinguishable from others, morphogenic, homogenized humans.

Those who seek the beauty of their scars will stand out, as they shine their light on others. Radiating it outward, they draw to them those who wish to also have such inner beauty.

Shine the beauty of your scars with those who come to you, for that is the purpose of the scars. Keeping your inner beauty, your scars of wisdom, to yourself does no one any good. The purpose of having experiences is to learn from them and to then share that knowledge and wisdom with others.

Consider all the experiences you’ve had and especially notice those who helped you have each of your experiences, for they were sharing with you the beauty of their scars in order to aid you in creating your own beautiful scars. Be grateful to them for helping you, as those whom you help will be grateful to you for your assistance in teaching them how to create their own beautiful scars.

And on it goes, each one sharing the beauty of their scars with others, and each one becoming more and more beautiful as they gather their learning experiences and create their own scars of wisdom.

Muse upon your scars. Take them one at a time and explore them until you find the beauty within them. Then when the opportunities present themselves – and they will – share the beauty of your scars with others who may benefit from your story of your learning experience and how you acquired such beautiful scars.

You all need more scars and the appreciation of the beauty of each one of them.

Source by Kathy Wilson

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