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Feet are something we take for granted.  They have always been there, and hopefully, they will always be there for us.  Have you cared  for them properly?  Manicures, lotions or creams. are all wonderful and needed. Just keeping your nails trimmed properly is a must.  No excuses if you cannot afford a pedicure or you do not have the time.

Whether you want to acknowledge it or not, people notice your feet.  You may have on beautiful or handsome expensive sandals, but if your heels are all dry, cracked and dirty looking, no one is looking at your shoes.  It is those ugly feet.  This is directed at both men and women.

Now for the easy part.  After you shower, apply lotion or cream to your feet also. Keep them hydrated.  Not only the skin on the bottom of your feet, but on the top also.  At night before you go to bed, apply a nice rich oil and put your socks on. This helps the oil to penetrate and not rub off on anything.   Trim your toenails and file them.  If you have time, take a foot bath or spend a longer time in the bath soaking in the tub.

You can go to any beauty supply or drug store and purchase what you need.  They have wonderful inexpensive tools to use on the feet.  There is callous remover cream.  Apply that and then use a foot file afterward to take off the dead skin.  If you want nail polish, pick a color you like.  They have beautiful shades under $8.00.  Be sure when your nails start to grow or the polish is chipping, take it off.

If you have a favorite body product, take it down a little further and use it on your feet.  If it has a little fragrance, that makes it even better.   When you feet smell good, you feel so much more confident.  Men, if you apply a cream to your face, apply it to the top of your feet as well.

Many men enjoy this special treat.,. if you have never taken the time for a professional pedicure, give it a try.  The technicians massage the feet and do masterful work on the toenails.  Do it every few months if you are on a budget.  It is not that expensive and will make you feel like a million dollars.

You will find if you care for your feet, they will not tell your age.  Keep them out of the sun or use sunscreen on them also.  If you wear sandals daily or flip flops, you must keep your feet hydrated.  No excuses.

Source by JoElla Milan

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