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Anyone can get soft healthy skin naturally if they are committed to it and willing to try new things. It is not a difficult thing but it does require a little self-education if you are new to skin care.

1. Moisturize Right

Using the right moisturizer is one of the most important things for soft healthy skin. Many lotions today contain unhealthy chemicals and ingredients that irritate, dry out the skin and are simply unhealthy in the long-run.

Instead of a regular cream use something natural, may it be cold-pressed plant oil like jojoba oil, a hydrating gel like pure aloe vera or a natural skin cream made with a blend of effective natural ingredients.

Always moisturize your whole body after showering, preferably within 20 minutes after getting out of the shower, and give your face special attention twice a day, applying a day cream and a night cream.

2. Eat Lots of Fruits and Veggies

Your body needs lots of nutrient-dense foods to be able to produce soft healthy skin naturally. Avoid eating foods that come in packages and nourish your skin with delicious fruits, salads, berries, nuts and seeds.

If you’re still not getting enough then take a natural vitamin supplement, and omega-3 supplement for those healthy fatty acids that are so vital for smooth skin.

3. Deep Facial Treatments

Consider using a natural face mask to get soft healthy skin naturally and get rid of toxins that cause blemishes. A good regimen is to use a deep cleansing kaolin clay mask every other week and a deeply hydrating mask the intervening week, this will purify the skin as well as make it velvety soft.

Source by Ingela M. Johansson

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