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Many ladies will put forth great effort on Valentine’s Day to make sure everything turns out perfect, from donning a glamorous dress to applying picture-perfect makeup to laboring over a knock-em-dead hairstyle. The following are five sexy styles that are perfect for the most romantic night of the year, along with some product suggestions to help finish off that fabulous look.

1. Messy Up-do

The messy up-do is ideal when you want to project an air of casual sexiness. Work a splotch of Philip B. Shin-Aid Pomade through the back of your hair for texture. Leaving some strands loose to frame your face, pull the majority of your hair into a high ponytail. Separate your ponytail into four or five sections and bring each section individually down; fold it over and into the base of the ponytail. Hold in place with bobby pins, and spritz with Oscar Blandi’s Olio di Jasmine Shine Spray.

2. Half-Up

Popularized at weddings, the half-up hairstyle allows you to emphasize your face while still displaying the fullness of your locks in back. Before you style, prevent heat damage and keep the frizz under wraps with Philip B. Anti-Frizz Formula 57. Blow-dry your hair completely. Gather half of your hair into a ponytail and secure it with an elastic band. From there, use a T3 Single Pass Curling Wand and curl half-inch sections of your hair. Finish off the look with a dose of hairspray, and add a glittery hair accessory for extra glamour.

3. Tousled Waves

A tousled, wavy look adds playfulness as well as sexiness to your Valentine’s Day ensemble. After conditioning, work in some Oscar Blandi Hair Lift to provide volume and texture. Then blow-dry halfway using a heat-protection hair dryer such as the T3 Featherweight. Finger dry the rest of the way. Next, use a large barrel curling iron and curl large sections of your hair. Run your fingers through your hair to separate the waves, then flip your head over repeat. Complete the look with Maui Wowie Beach Mist by Philip B.

4. Low Bun

When done correctly, a low bun can be glamorous and stunning. After drying and straightening your hair, add a few drops of RODIN Olio Lusso hair oil to your palms and work it into your hair lightly; this will give your hair a natural luster. Draw your hair into a ponytail at the back of your neck. Round the hair over and pin it into place with bobby pins to create a bun.

5. Side Ponytail

If the fashion runways are any indication, the side ponytail is back in style. After creating an off-center part in towel-dried hair, blow dry a little more with a paddle brush. Smooth the front part of your hair toward the back of your head and collect all of it on the opposite side the part is on. Secure with an elastic band. You can use a T3 flat iron for a sleek and straight ponytail, or give it some curl with a large barrel curling iron.

Source by Christina A. Jefferson

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