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South Lamar has become more and more popular for pedestrians, bicyclists, shoppers, and other visitors, and a stroll down the boulevard can include every imaginable activity and meal or drink. New additions to the “SoLa” scene include the Black Sheep Pub and a couple of other new eateries and pubs, as well as old favorites like the Saxon Pub and the Broken Spoke, both of which are landmarks on the Austin music and dancing circuit and regularly offer well known local musical acts.

The Black Sheep Pub is located a few blocks north of Kerbey Lane Cafe and Sonic Drive-in, and there is an outdoor patio out front with tables and chairs. The menu is down home and reasonably priced, and until recently, patrons could get a complimentary beverage with their meal, since the restaurant had not gotten its liquor license. The burgers are big and inexpensive, and the fries are crispy and spicy, along with the tator tots, which have gotten tremendous word of mouth among the neighbors.

Across the street and a few blocks south, the Half Price Books remains a mainstay among local residents, and used books, music, reading glasses, gifts, and lots of other unique items are available, most literally at half price, as the name promises. Next door to Half Price Books is the Old Alligator Grill and The Rockin’ Tomato, both popular among locals.

A half block east, on Manchaca at Lightsey, the small strip center has many interesting businesses, including an inexpensive family medical practice that accepts walk-ins called Access Co-Medical, an unusual convenience store called On the Run, and a family-friendly Laundromat with WiFi access and T.V., as well as a supply of reading material and courteous, helpful employees.There is also a spa and beauty shop called Olga’s and a comic book and cards store, both with unique products.

A quick walk north and one arrives at Walgreen’s, which is open twenty-four hours and has an amazing array of cosmetics, grocery items, clothing, medicine and toiletries, and almost everything else. The Sonic is just across the street, and one block south of Walgreen’s is Austin’s venerable Matt’s El Rancho, which has been reincarnated numerous times over the years and is one of the most well-established restaurants in Austin. Matt’s is famous for their shrimp enchiladas and coconut pralines, among other delights, and there is something for everyone, including a frosty margarita for the adults.

The neighborhoods east and west of Lamar are some of the only ones remaining in the Austin real estate market where one can find affordable housing, and there are many kitschy old fourplexes and duplexes, as well as interesting homes and small apartment complexes. It is a quick walk to these homes and apartments from the strip of restaurants and clubs, and anything can be found within a few blocks of these homes.

Until recently, an art show called Art Outside was held regularly at the Enchanted Forest, an outdoor venue with a creek running through it and every imaginable type of artwork, music and dance, and many of the artists and musicians make the SoLa area their home as well. The Forest is near the intersection of Lamar and Oltorf, and an organic foods lunch stand called Organic Seeds is currently operating near the Forest, with positive reviews from those who’ve had the pleasure of dining there. Seeds offers patrons a choice of healthy wraps, coffee, breakfast tacos and other favorites.

A block south of the intersection of Oltorf and Lamar is a local coffee bar and music spot, with beer, wine, and lunch specials called the “Irie Bean”. It is another locally owned venue and has great coffee, wine, sandwiches, and occasional live music, so it’s another hidden jewel in SoLa. Every sidewalk leads to something new and/or different, including Irie Bean.

South Lamar is one of the oldest yet fastest growing areas in Austin, and homes are reasonably priced,compared to many areas of Austin, so stroll down the boulevard and take a look, and you’ll like what you see.Friendly neighbors always make you feel welcome, and there is always something to do.

Source by Ki Gray

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