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You might be able to visualize what you feel is a perfect hairstyle for you. Perhaps you have seen it on another individual, were impressed, and would like to have it yourself. This may be very feasible and ideally, if you can take a picture to your hairstylist then she will know exactly what it is you are looking for.

One thing you might want to keep in mind though is that particular hairstyle that you are looking for may need to be cut. This may cause some concern for you particularly if you have been trying to grow your hair out or you are quite happy with the length that it is at now.

If this is the case, you are going to have to make the decision, which you want more being your current hair length or the hairstyle that you have chosen. Perhaps if it is your hair length that you want to keep then you can find other hairstyles that are going to suit that particular hair length.

Many individuals look different with the different types of hair lengths that they are going to have. Some individuals look great with side bags that are quite long and seem to frame the face. Other individuals suit hairstyles where the cut is layered to give them more body.

There are some basics that you want to make sure that you keep in mind when getting your hair cut for your hairstyle and that is what the best is for you. We are not talking here about what length you want but really taking a serious look at what brings your overall features out.

Some people that have a very long face tend to wear their hair long and straight and it just pulls their face down and elongates it even further. Another issue that you want to remember is that if you are going to have your hair short and you have naturally curly hair then it is going to be looking a lot shorter than probably what the initial cut indicated.

Once you determine the best length then its going to give you a lot more choices for hairstyles. At the same time it’s going to narrow down your choices so it’s not quite as confusing for you and you will know exactly what you have to choose from.

If you are adamant about keeping your hair long then you want to make sure that you get your ends cut no matter what. Something you might want to consider is the “V” cut, which leaves the length at the back but is a little shorter along the sides. This does not have as much effect on making a long face look longer.

So ideally, you need to balance your decision between your haircut and your hairstyle. Its important one enhances the other. If this takes place then it will bring out your best features and help to minimize your flaws.

Source by Toni Moretti

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