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How does your garden grow? – or so the poem goes? What if I told you there was a way to give your garden a boost, and give your garden more fresh water each year without affecting your water bill or even tapping into the city’s water supply? There is a way, and if you do it just right you may not ever need to use any outdoor water from the municipal water source ever again. Let me explain.

If you were to use the rain gutter system on your home you could collect enough water to fill a 55 gallon drums every single time it rained. It’s true, and the average American home can collect just over 100 gallons of water from a storm which delivers only 1 inch of rain. What a wonderful treat, fresh water for your garden.

The best way to collect fresh water is to make sure it is free from any debris. This means that if you are using your rain gutters system to collect that water you have to make sure that it is clean inside, and without debris. To keep the debris out of your rain gutter you need a system which prevents it from getting into the rain gutter the first place.

Typically the normal rain gutter is open on the top to allow the water to flow in at higher rates, but by a leaving it open it also allows debris to blow in, and fill up the rain gutters, eventually filling them up so high that the water can no longer be trapped then there is a robust flow from heavy rainfall. Believe it or not all these design flaws in the typical rain gutter have been solved.

There are many newer types of water collection systems available now which prevents the debris from entering the rain gutter, it can remain free from clutter, saving you countless hours trying to clean it out, protecting your roof, and preventing injury for those that might get up on the ladder and actually try to clean it out. And you can collect all the water you want. Indeed I hope you’ll please consider this and give your garden a boost.

Source by Lance Winslow

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