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All women use some sort of product or tool to style their hair on a day to day basis. Whether you prefer an up-do, pony tail, straight, curly, braided etc. we all do something with our hair (at least before leaving the house). The biggest dilemma we come across is choosing which product or tool we want to purchase to best accompany our hair. For me, I am very picky on which tools I use on my hair because it is so thick. When I style my hair, it takes me twice as long to do than a woman with a normal amount of hair. I have gone through so many different tools hoping to find the right one for my hair strength and length without damaging my hair. It truly is a battle! On the bright side, I came across a flat iron that is absolutely perfect for my hair type. I am going review the CHI Original 1″ Ceramic Hairstyling Iron. Below, I will discuss what the tool is all about, why it works for me and other customers reviews. Enjoy!

The CHI Original 1″ Ceramic Iron has a lot of components that make it so great such as forty-four ceramic plates, negative ions that add moisture and shine, flash quick heating which goes to a temperature of 392 degrees, swivel cord, dual voltage, forty-five watts and a two-year warranty. Most of you probably do not even know what all that means… neither do I. All I know is that this product is great. The fact that the tool only goes up to 392 degrees is really good because anything about four hundred degrees will definitely burn your hair and give it that burnt smell. As much as a swivel cord does not seem to matter it really does. It is much easier to use a product that has the swivel cord especially when flat ironing your hair. One of the best things about this product is that it can also curl your hair, it is all-in-one! You may ask how it can do that? Well, it’s pretty much because of the swivel cord. It allows the tool to be turned in different directions rather than just up and down motion. It is said that the tool also styles your hair in half the time it would usually take. I personally cannot confirm this because my hair is insane, but I will post others reviews further down.

Personally, I am very picky about which styling tools I use on my hair. I have super thick hair, but I do not want a tool that gets too high in temperature either, so it is very hard for me to find an iron that meets my needs. I actually did not purchase this tool myself, I got it as a birthday present from my mom. I was a bit nervous about it because it was a smaller iron and I usually go for thicker tools that contain more hair when ironing. But it was definitely time for me to get a new iron, so I gave it a shot. It was insane how quickly the iron heated up to its maximum heat to begin ironing my hair. I always use the same heat protectant product on my hair as well. When I straighten my hair, I put it into multiple sections to make it a bit easier. Let me tell you, it did not quite take half the time to straighten my hair, but it was pretty close. It felt like I did not have to put in much effort into straightening my hair, it just straightened perfectly. The best part is that my hair looked super shiny and soft. My hair did not feel burnt or frizzy at all either, it actually felt like it contained some of the fizziness. I usually only straighten my hair once a week because I am super crazy when it comes to letting my hair rest. But whenever I do straighten it I love what the outcome is!

On totalbeauty.com Kenya did a really great review on the product. I am not going to word for word type what she said because it is quite long, but I am going to type a little summary of what was said. Kenya said the iron is a bit pricey ($69.99) but that it is totally worth it. It made her hair very smooth, touchable and shiny in which she has super curly hair. One downside is that the iron does not make her ends super straight (because it is super curly) but that every other iron she owned did not either, so it was not a make it or break it deal. She absolutely loves how the iron has curling features as well because it makes the price even more worth it since its technically a “two in one” kind of product. Lastly, Kenya said the one big downfall on this product is that you cannot change the heat settings. All in all, her review on the product was pretty positive! Next, Jessica had some things to say about the product. She got the tool when she was thirteen and now is nineteen. She said some people replace the product after a few years, but she has not replaced it in six years and it still works great. Jessica said the product does get super-hot and glides over her hair without tugging on it leaving her hair super soft, straight and shiny. She said the best way to use the iron is sectioning your hair into one-inch sections or less and to apply heat. It sounds like Jessica also had a great experience with this product.

All in all, this product is worth the price and drive to get it at Ulta or any beauty store near you. Besides all the great reviews on this product, the components and accessories to the CHI are all great and well worth your time and money. I am interested to hear about what you guys think if you have the product. Let me know in the comments below!

Source by Gianna Valenti

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