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Nowadays, there are more and more imitated accessories on market, and the imitations are more and more exquisite. Some items are even hard to be identified, what’s more, the price is much cheaper than the real ones, and therefore, the imitated accessories become the favor of the beauty.

OK, let me introduce the meaning to 18KGP, 23KGP

18KGP, 23KGP is the symbol of alloy. They consist of two logo composition, 18K or 23K is a logo, K represents the value, namely the gold content, the formula is Au wt % = K / 24 x 100%, according to the GB11887-89 national regulation, the gold content of each K value for 4.166%, so you can know 18K contains 75% of gold while 23K contains around 95%.

GP is the English abbreviation of Gold Plate. This kind of logo refers to the materials of the metal are mainly phosphor copper, the product is made under high temperature forging and then covered with gold-plated layer. According to different requirements, the thickness can be 1 mic or 3 mic, as a result, 18K or 23K which we mention before means gold content of the gold-plated layer. Here maybe someone will concern that “why 18KGP or 23KGP jewelry is mostly white instead of yellow?” Actually, this is confusion between pure gold and K gold. Generally, one of the features of pure gold is that they are very limp, so when setting the gem to the pure gold accessories it will fall off easily. Therefore, people will add silver, copper, zinc and other metal to pure gold while making jewelry, the purpose is to increase its strength and toughness, such kind of alloy is called K gold.

Through this method, K gold can reached the nobleness like pure gold, and also can supply a gap of pure gold, on the other hand, K gold can be made into various color according to different needs. In the international fashionable jewelry store, you can see different kinds of colors, but the most common color is yellow and white. K gold can be divided into colored gold alloy and white gold alloy by different colors. In jewelry industry, what being used widely is the Au-Ag-Cu(Zn) alloy, White gold are mostly the Au-Ag-Ni(Cu, Zn) alloy and Au-Ag-PD(Zn, Cu) alloy. When Gold mix 25% of palladium, nickel or zinc, It will become white and its main component is still gold, this kind of alloy is called white K gold.

Source by Joshua Clark

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