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Rest and relaxation are two words that are not instantly synonymous with Pattaya, but this is certainly not because there is a lack of opportunities. Finding ways to lie back and unwind in the magnificence of the region is in fact remarkably easy; the problem is that the reports and images that are highlighted most are of tourists indulging in night-time excesses and adult entertainment in some of the more exotic establishments. This picture only shows one side of the story. By day Pattaya can offer so much more – especially the national culture.

Immerse yourself in the serenity of Thailand’s heritage

With everything else that is available in Pattaya and the focus on the tastes and pleasures of the Western tourists, it is easy to forget that this resort is part of an ancient, spiritual culture. Pattaya is predominantly Buddhist and as a result there are a number of temples and sites of significance to explore. The architectural beauty offers plenty on its own, but it is the atmosphere that is truly special.

Continuing with the theme of the more tranquil areas of the resort, there are a number of gardens and scenic beauties on offer that will have such a calming effect that you will forget about Pattaya’s underside. There are many sacred sites and botanical gardens that will offer hours of joy as you stroll around and feed your senses, however a trip to the summit of Buddha Hill is also worth a visit. Here you can see the giant Buddha statue in all its glory, enjoy the Chinese-themed sacred garden and the panorama of Pattaya itself.

Activities that offer complete relaxation are not hard to come by

A trip to Pattaya does not mean that you should be expected to throw yourself head-first into exhausting activities or simply wait until night falls to truly unwind. There are numerous options available to help you relax and enjoy a rejuvenating vacation. After enjoying the spirituality of the temples and gardens why not try a little meditation. Some temples offer the chance themselves and you can do so independently if you know how, however many fitness centers offer guidance for a more rewarding experience – in addition to their popular yoga options.

Alternatively, you can really let yourself relax and be pampered at a spa. There are many spas and parlors offering a great service. Day spas are ideal for a day’s indulgence and the local establishments can provide satisfaction through trusted Thai methods and locally-sourced products, but there are also health retreats available for a longer stay.

A trip to Pattaya does not have to be an action-packed, exhausting experience

These are just a few of the possibilities on offer for tourists looking to spend a well-earned, relaxing break in Pattaya. It would be far too easy to dismiss the resort as an area for one type of tourist only because of the stereotypes but there is so much more going on under the beautiful Thai sun as well as the bright lights of Walking Street. This is a clear indication that a Pattaya vacation can be anything you make it, and enjoying the tranquility and beauty is one of the easiest things of all.

Source by Jeff Molenda

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