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Simple Easy Beauty Tips


Hey Everybody,

We all want to look our best, for that we are always looking for new ways , tips ticks. But in all this we always forget to do the basics right ! So today we are going to talk about the simple basic beauty tips which we all must practice. These beauty tricks work on the root cause of all beauty issues.

So lets get stared :
1) Always use a tissue paper to wipe of your freshly washed face. It has no bacteria development which means less chances of acne.
2) Never rub towel or tissue on face, always pat dry.
3) Use Ice on clean dry face before putting on moisturizer or makeup. This will reduce appearance of pores.
4) Neck shows signs of aging pretty quickly, so always apply moisturizer on neck.
5) Give your face a mini massage after applying moisturizer. This is increase blood flow which results in glowing skin. It also help moisturizer absorb quickly into the skin.
6) Always under eye cream in triangle , just like you apply concealer.
7) Apply Petroleum jelly on upper and lower lashes to strengthen them, make them longer and fuller.
8) If you have extra hand cream on , apply it on elbows, these bad boys are always dry.
9) Try not to touch your face.
10) Lastly, keep smiling, smile is the best beauty secret. 🙂

These are some simple easy beauty tips that can really change your beauty game. Try to include them in your daily regimen and you will see the change.
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