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Totke For Skin || Beauty Tips In Urdu || Chehre ke Totke

Totke For Skin || Beauty Tips In Urdu ||Chehre ke Totke

Welcome to my Channel Totkay House where you will find all types of Urdu totkay, Gharelu totkay, Desi totkay and easy home remedies. It will include health tips and tricks, kitchen tips and tricks and skin care tips. All these tip will be based on herbal remedies. It is providing you home made remedies in urdu in easy way about a lot of Health, kitchen and skin care Tips.

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Today I am going to tell you a yogurt skin whitening tip that is becoming very popular among women and girls. This tip will make your face very clear and fair. This tip will make you fair in minutes and it has no side effects on your skin.
We will try to bring you a tip that will be useful for you to benefit from.
There is a trick that is both simple and cheap and can be used by women who are very busy and cannot afford expensive beauty facials.

Now all you have to do is take a clean bowl and add two spoons of curd in it. Yogurt should be fresh and not sour. Now add an egg yolk to it, remember to take the egg yolk, not the white and now add half spoon of lemon juice and mix it well, the mixture will be like cream. You use this mixture only once and make a new mixture for the next time you need to use the mixture.

Now this tip is ready, you have to apply this mixture for twenty minutes on your face, neck, hands, arms where you want and the place you want to whiten.

Apply it on the area you want to whiten for 20 minutes and then wash it off with plain water and don’t use soap for two hours. You have to use this tip once a week and your complexion will become fairer, clearer and fairer that will make you look like you’ve had an expensive beauty polish treatment or used an expensive beauty cream. But actually this is a very simple and easy to prepare tip which will make your skin shine.

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