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Dahi Sy Chehry Ko Chand Jesa Roshan Kairn | Face Beauty Tips | Make Your Face Beautiful With Yogurt

This is the title of the video “Dahi Sy Chehry Ko Chand Jesa Roshan Kairn | Face Beauty Tips | Make Your Face Beautiful With Yogurt “

The shortest script for this video is something like this.
According to the video, it is a common observation that most women have a problem with their skin being sensitive. Especially with regard to facial skin and complexion … And the problem we face the most … He is of the shadows … Due to which black spots and scars appear on the face … And the beauty of the whole face is affected … In addition, sometimes there are other reasons why the skin deteriorates. Sometimes the color is naturally tan … But women often want their complexion to be whiter … If there are any spots, blemishes and shadows on her face, she gets upset.
Therefore, for all such women, there is a formula for using yogurt which helps to remove blemishes from the face. Now you have to put two spoons of yogurt in a bowl. With this you have to add only two tablespoons of tomato juice. And you have to add half a spoon of turmeric in it. And one tablespoon of it, you have to add lemon juice …
And you have to mix all these things … Remember that you have to mix these things well …
And one more thing, if it is included in this version, it will be even better. And this thing is … Honey If you have honey in your house … So add half a teaspoon of honey to these things … And mix everything well …
This way you will have a paste … Which would be almost like cream … After preparing this paste, you have to apply this paste on your face. And to massage with light hands …
Remember that you do not massage loudly … Rather, it is necessary to massage lightly with soft hands. You can do this massage any time of the day …
This recipe is very special for women … But men can also apply it … Apply this paste on the face and massage … And after the massage, leave this paste on the face for half an hour … Then wash your face with lukewarm water and wipe with a soft cloth.
All you have to do is apply this prescription for three days. And on the fourth day you will see … That the scars on your face will disappear … Your complexion will be clear.

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