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Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology :



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SNS Institutions (Group with Maximum Autonomous Colleges) specialize in finding Students’ dream, grooming their talent, showcasing the individual’s passion!

1st Indian Institution to implement Design Thinking Framework.

24 years of service in Education. “Redesign common mind and business towards Excellence”
Admission Opens for 2022 – 2023 batch
Visit Us: https://snsgroups.com/
Spine: https://snsspine.in/
Contact Us: 90036 55855, 95664 23456
E Mail Us: events@snsgroups.com
Why to Join in SNS Institutions (Autonomous)?

Curriculum based on Industrial Trends (Industry 4.0) and Career oriented

250+ companies – 1700 placement and still counts & Produced 100+ Entrepreneurs

For a student to succeed, 5 elements of education needed – SNS implements via 5 Pillar approach

Spine – The Student Talent & Activity Centre.

Holds NIRF, ATAL Innovation ARIIA, and Rated AAA+ in Career360, AICTE – CII Platinum ranking with NBA and NAAC A+ Accreditation.

SNS Institutions identifies passion inside every individual and groom them towards excellence via DT, 5 pillars, and spine

SNS iHub, an active innovative centre that works in solving industrial problems using Innovation Technologies (AR/VR, AI &ML, IoT, Robotics & 3D printing).

With international School, Engineering, Arts & Science, Pharmacy, Allied health science, Nursing & Physiotherapy Colleges.

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