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Come Get My Eyebrows Microbladed With Me — 1 yr Touch-Up 💫 #grwm #beauty #shorts #beautytips #style

Come Get My Eyebrows Microbladed With Me — One Year Touch-Up 💫 #tutorial

Location: Mehrin Glam

Here’s a mini tutorial that includes a step-by-step of my microblading one year touch-up experience. I’m absolutely in love with the results, & my brows look fuller and are “finally” even with results that are similar to my own brows!

The “before” is my natural brows before microblading, and the “after” is right after my yearly touch-up 💫

Why microblading?
•I was able to achieve natural looking results that looked subtle, while also giving me the shape & size that fits my face structure
•Since I did electrolysis on my eyebrows over 10 + years ago, my brow hairs do not grow at all from the thin shape that was in style back then lol
•I have a large scar on my right brow from being bitten by a dog in my face when I was about 8 years old (I also have a scar on my lip from this that you may have seen in grwm videos). The scar doesn’t allow for hair to grow in that area, so my brows have never matched in shape, or in thickness of hair.
•Helps cut down my time of getting ready since I film daily, & this is a huge additive 🙌

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