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7 Tips to follow this New year for Glowing Skin – Dr. Rasya Dixit | Doctors' Circle

It is time to take up resolution for your general good health. But also for our healthy skin. Tip number 1, make sure you are drinking enough water. Tip Number 2, make sure your food ahs more colors on its plate, especially green leafy vegetables, get some treatment in the form of reds and oranges in your diet. Tip number three, kick those butts. Quit smoking and let it be your New Year resolution. It is not doing your skin or your health any good fourth , reduce the consumption of salty foods especially chips and fast foods, which are going to dehydrate your skin and dehydrate your body and it is definitely not helping with your skin. Tip number 5, don’t forget to exfoliate your skin. So this can be done with the use of chemical based exfoliation which is available in the market or you can do a chemical peel at our dermatologist. Tip number 6, always remember to remove your makeup before you go to bed and it is going to make a whole big way in improving the quality of your skin. Tip number 7, make sure you get enough exercise this New Year. When you exercise your skin starts to glow and your whole body and skin feels much healthier.

Dr. Rasya Dixit
Consultant Dermatologist & Cosmetologist
Dr. Dixit Cosmetic Dermatology Clinic, Koramangala 3rd Block Bengaluru
Appointment booking number:
099018 90588

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