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Home Tips: காலையும் இரவும் நான் இதை தான் செய்றேன் | அழகு மருத்துவர் சொல்லும் அற்புத Tips!

Dr.C.Binila Bladbin MDS
Oral & Maxillofacial surgeon, Cosmetologist*

Head office: Jerush Dentofacial and Cosmetic Laser Centre, Near Bus stand, Thuckalay,Kanyakumari District, 9489160000, 04651-251111,256100,

Chennai Branch :Chanthini Apt.,29,MG Rd, Sasthri nagar, Near SBI, Adyar, Chennai 600020 .Ph +91 8508991111
WWW.jerush dentoface .com
Mail id :
info@jerushdentoface .com

Jerush Youtube Link: https://youtube.com/@jerushdentofacialandcosmetic

In this Episode of Positivitea, We are speaking with a doctor Binila Bladbin, Cosmetologist, who works predominantly on face beauty for both men and women. She shares her daily experience of getting beauty in a easier Manner with Home Remedies. She shares her beauty tips in a easy way!
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