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this grandma beauty secret works! 🤩 | beauty tips #youtubeshort #beauty #skincare

I found this latino grandma remedy hack for brightening the skin and let’s be honest this sparks my curiosity as soon as I saw it. The mask is simple you need to mix 🌺 some tomato juice, with 🌺 two tablespoons of instant coffee and 🌺 one tablespoon of baking soda. Then apply the paste on the desire area, let it dry and then rinse off and you should have brighter skin afterwards. in the moment I didn’t see a difference but then when I saw the results I was surprised I wonder if it’s only the coffee residue on my arms that it makes it look like there is a difference or this actually works. What do you think?

Credits to @badabunOficial

#viralshort #viral #viralvideo #beautytips #brighterskin

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