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It’s not every day that you find someone who is so important to you that you need to not just tell them, but show them. A thoughtful gift of beautiful jewelry is a much loved tradition for couples everywhere. When you need her to know how important she is to you and how amazing you think she is, gold jewelry is the perfect way to do that.

We have put together some gorgeous and unique options for the gorgeous and unique woman in your life. Consider how lucky you are to have her in your life, and make her realize just how much you appreciate her love, care and effort. Express your appreciation for that special someone with a piece of beautiful gold jewelry!

14 Karat White or Yellow Gold Artform Rose Slide Pendant

It’s certainly romantic to give your special someone flowers to show how much you appreciate them. But to give them a flower made of 14 karat gold? Now, that is love! This stunning pendant is sure to add timeless elegance and beauty to any outfit that she might be wearing! Available in either 14 karat white gold or 14 karat yellow gold, you can choose the piece that best matches her particular tastes.

This piece is made using Artform, a new technique used to create hollow pieces of gold jewelry, giving the piece a lightweight effect so that she won’t even notice it’s there while wearing it. The process of Artform is time-consuming and expensive, but it produces pieces that are seamless, giving them a truly beautiful finish. When she opens the box to reveal the 14 Karat White or Yellow Gold Artform Rose Slide Pendant, she will truly know how much you adore her.

14 Karat White Gold Blue Topaz and Chrome Diopside Ring

Talk about beauty! This absolutely stunning ring is a one of a kind gem, just like the love of your life. Made with 14 karat white gold, blue topaz and green chrome diopside, this piece will, without a doubt, leave her speechless. The blue topaz simply shimmers in any light with its brilliant blue hues. The green chrome diopside is the perfect complement to the blue topaz, helping it pop even more as it surrounds.

This piece will surely be the topic of many conversations, as envious women will be asking her just how she found someone who would pick out a piece of gold jewelry as beautiful as this! The perfectly cut stones sit in the pronged settings and are just the right touch for making this piece shimmer and shine. Take her breath away with the 14 Karat White Gold Blue Topaz & Chrome Diopside Ring, since her beauty and love have been taking your breath away all this time.

Sterling Silver / 24 Karat Gold Chinese Dragon Oval Pendant

This unique and unusual piece is certainly a one of a kind pendant that will make her feel like a one of a kind woman when she wears it! The Sterling Silver / 24 Karat Gold Chinese Dragon Oval Pendant has both silver and gold, so she will be able to wear it with any other piece of jewelry she owns! Versatile and unique, the real charm of this piece is found in the detailed 24 karat yellow gold Chinese dragon design, accented with both satin and polished finishes. Flip the piece over and you’ll find the popular Chinese saying, “Fuk Sing Koo Chiu”, which wishes luck and prosperity on the wearer.

What better way to tell someone you care? This thoughtful and meaningful gift is the perfect way to show that special someone just how special they really are.

16 Inch – 18 Inch a1 Quality 7-8mm White Cultured Freshwater Pearl Strand Necklace

Every beautiful woman needs a necklace made of real pearls. This classic strand of pearls is nothing short of completely stunning. You can even choose the length of your necklace to fit the size of your special someone! Setting off the beauty of the hand-chosen freshwater pearls is a gold clasp that comes in your choice of white or yellow gold. To show her that she’s worthy of a truly unique piece of beautiful jewelry, this necklace comes in a gorgeous gift box with a Certificate of Authenticity from Radiance Pearl. The A1 Quality 7-8mm White Cultured Freshwater Pearl Strand Necklace is truly a thing of beauty, just like she is. The gold may not be the highlight in this piece, but she is sure to adore the beauty of the gold and pearls working together, and love you just a little bit more for it.

Your special someone deserves to always feel as beautiful as she is and any of these pieces are sure to make her feel that way.

Source by Jim N Newton

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