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One of the best careers to have, if you like working with people, is being a cosmetologist, also known as beautician. This is especially a good career if you are interested in hair, nails and make up. It is fun to do and there are cosmetologist jobs everywhere.

There are numerous Beauty Schools and some Junior/Community Colleges that offer training in this field. It is a ‘hands on’ class and you will ordinarily start out, after classroom instruction, shampooing a patron’s hair. There is teacher supervision each step of the way when progressing on to other types of beauty treatments.

There are three things that will determine the amount of hours you will spend in training. This depends on which beauty program you select, whether you attend school on a part-time or full-time basis and the required state beauty training hours, depending on the state you live in. The full cosmetology program averages 1,400 to 1,600 hours but might be more, depending on state laws.

Upon graduation it will be time to go out into the regular work arena. It is not difficult to obtain a job after graduating and it is always advisable to work for someone else for at least a year. That way you have more of the day to day experience of a regular shop before establishing your own business.

While working in a shop you will find it is a great deal different than going to school. You will be expected to know how to work with many different kinds of people. Some are very particular and, for example, will order order their hair done in a way that you know is not the most desirable. Regardless, after explaining how your method will look better, if they still want it done their way then that is the way to go. Remember the customer is always right.

There will be times when someone leaves the shop and then comes back a couple of days later and complains that their hair or nails did not stay the way they should be. As a rule, it is in your best interest to re-do the work at no charge. While this might be annoying, you will be building customer good will. It is important to remember that the customer is the bread and butter of the beauty shop business and building a good clientele is essential for success.

While it might give you more pleasure to do one type of work only, this can only be done in a large shop with a big turn-over. Small shops require the beauty operator to be able to handle any customer who enters and they will all be different. With cosmetologist jobs the requirement is that you will be working for a boss who wants to have a busy beauty shop, with lots of customers, and you are expected to fulfill the requirements of the job.

Source by Susan Bean

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