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A 4-metro survey on beauty and wellness

What are a few rupees more, if they get you clear skin and silky hair? Premium beauty brands, with breakthrough formulations and exotic ingredients, don’t exactly come cheap. But more than 90% of Indian women are willing to pay the price, if they believe the product they buy, delivers results.

A four-metro survey of Indian women, focusing on modern attitudes towards body, beauty and skincare, reveals that the modern Indian woman wants it all: the best of beauty products, technology and services, regardless of price.

The study, conducted in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai, covered 809 women in affluent SEC A households, ranging in age from 18 years to 50 years.

What clearly emerges from the analysis of women’s attitudes, is the overwhelming importance given to beauty, style and grooming, by even the average Indian woman. In fact, almost all the women believed that beautiful skin is not just a requirement for models – anyone can aspire to it and achieve it.

In pursuit of a clear skin, 95% of women in Mumbai, 77% in Delhi, 70% in Kolkata and 65% in Chennai said they would invest in quality cosmetics if they delivered results, regardless of price.

96% of Mumbai women believe a clear skin gives them confidence and gets them noticed. 95% of Delhi women, 93% of Kolkata women and 85% of the women in Chennai agree with them.

Living with small blemishes is no longer an option; today’s woman can be comfortable in her skin, but it had better be a clear, flawless one!

Beauty is priceless…..

……if the product delivers, say the majority of Indian women.

Mumbai 95%
Delhi 77%
Kolkata 70%
Chennai 65%

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Source by Taalib Durden

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